How are the products offered on your shop selected?

The products selected to be part of our shop must meet several criteria. They must not contain or be wrapped in plastic or silicone. Secondly, the products must have an end of life that does not create any waste. The only exceptions will be if the products are indispensable in the zero waste approach, have no end of life and can be transmitted from generation to generation.

The exceptions present on the site are the menstrual cups. Unfortunately, they have an end of life. On the other hand, as they are essential in the zero waste approach, we have opted for a company that offers menstrual cups that can be used for ten years, if the maintenance of these is done rigorously.

What is the difference between a biodegradable product and a compostable product?

A compostable product needs an environment conducive to its fermentation in order to break up. It can then be incorporated into the ground to begin a new life cycle. In compostable products, we find food residues, raw and untreated raw materials such as cotton and bamboo as well as natural fibers.

A biodegradable product needs fungus and microorganism to decompose.

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